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College athletics is in disarray. While NIL rules were created to allow athletes be compensated for the usage of their name, image, and likeness, they've only made life harder... for everyone.

What happened?

College sports became controlled by big boosters, businesses, and brands β€” instead of being guided by the athletes and loyal fans that underpin the true "NIL value" of everyone involved.

'True NIL'

is based on an athletes standing as... an athlete, at your favorite school. Not as a social media influencer.

Revenue Sharing

has been over-promised and under-delivered, with mounting employment, collective bargaining, and Title IX concerns continuing to postpone real change

Predatory Agencies

that require no accreditation, no transparency, and no accountability continue to control athletes with payback clauses and empty promises

Fans, Coaches, and Athletes

simply want a better system, with reasonable guardrails but no predatory handcuffs, that makes the *sport* the focus again

The future of college sports, the recruits, deserve a better, safer system to assess and capitalize on the value they'll bring their future fanbase.

They deserve a better way to make an educated decision on where they'll call home.

Enter: FanCave


FanCave turns fans into recruiters for their favorite college sports teams

Top recruits use FanCave to gauge a fanbase's interest in them β€” their fair market NIL value. FanCave combines the latest NIL rules with innovative technology to help fanbases rise the leaderboard the more they engage & support recruits.

⚑️ Athletes: hear from the fans that want you

Turn followers into fans by posting exclusive updates, chatting with and reacting to fan content, and increasing your NIL value.

  • Engage directly with fans on FanCave
  • Grow and assess your NIL
  • Earn an NIL Deal when you sign based on your total NIL

🏟️ Fans: recruits are listening... will they hear you?

Contribute to your team's NIL offers to top recruits to show them where they're valued the most.

  • Target top prospects
  • Vote on allocating your team's NIL fund
  • Win top recruits (and exclusive prizes)

The vision? A collegiate sports system where fans have a real impact on the teams they love, and athletes safely grow their NIL value.



FanCave Team

Founded by die-hard college sports fans, who happen to be Silicon Valley engineers.

We're a venture-backed startup, a Y-Combinator company graduate, and one of the fastest growing NIL tech startups in the world.

We're loved by dozens of top 4 and 5-star recruits, and we're just getting started.

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