FanCave Values

FanCave Values


FanCave’s mission is to power the free agency of college sports.

Athlete-First & Fan-Friendly.

Today’s NIL is Broken.

The NIL-based recruiting that exists in today’s status quo (’Collectives’) is simply not right:

  • The same regulatory gray area that made Collectives ‘legal’ in the first place reflects the gray area in which they operate:
    • Not Inclusive: Collectives restrict membership to specific athletes in select sports (top 1%)
    • Not Transparent: Collectives aren’t transparent about how and where donor money goes
    • Not Fan-Operated: Collectives control allocations and only let donors donate to ‘the general fund’
  • It’s no secret that NIL drives recruitment decisions—and that’s where these shady Collective practices give them the upper hand:
    • Behind-closed-doors conversations that are never written down on paper
    • Under-the-table contract values that are predatory and non-negotiable
    • Controlling terms via short-term contracts, payback clauses, and forced exclusive NIL rights ownership

FanCave’s NIL is the future.

We fundamentally believes in NIL that is…

  • Unbiased—wanting athletes to win, not any one school or collective.
  • Unrestricted—not hindered by the needs or wants of a single athletic department or booster.
  • Powered by technology—ideally, a stable (well-funded) software company that can meet the needs of fans and athletes at scale, where collectives & today’s NIL tech simply cannot.

That’s why FanCave is the first, online, public “collective”—for fans to support their top recruits compliantly, and for athletes to understand their value transparently.

  • We’re Seamless For Athletes
    • Fans directly support YOU—their favorite prospect—in a way that helps you understand your true NIL value
    • Automatically manage quid-pro-quo requirements and tax implications
    • No predatory NIL contracts or income contingencies
  • We’re Innovative For Fans
    • Fans—not just deep-pocketed donors—can now build the future of their favorite team
    • Full transparency into the money raised and paid
    • No minimum donations, and funds are re-credited when your pledge commits elsewhere

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