FanCave — Recruitment Coordinator

FanCave — Recruitment Coordinator


🚨 Read below if you’ve been selected to become a FanCave recruiting coordinator.

🫵 You’ve been selected to lead your team to glory

We’re giving you $1,000+ to assemble your dream roster.

FanCave is the first platform where fans can offer money to recruits and transfer portal targets on the condition they come to a specific school (or the fan’s money back).

You’ve been chosen to be a FanCave Recruitment Coordinator because you are a leading voice in your fanbase. You have the power to channel your fanbase towards a common goal — what better goal than bringing the top players to your school?

How it works

  1. Sign up at
  2. FanCave team verifies your profile and loads $750 into your FanCave wallet
  3. You make offers to recruits and transfer portal players to come to your school
  4. Share some of your offers with your followers and we’ll Venmo/Cash App you $250. No strings attached
  5. For everyone that joins FanCave and loads their wallet using your referral link, we’ll put $5 into your FanCave wallet to make even more offers.


How do I use the $750 in my FanCave wallet?

Once loaded into your wallet, you can make offers to any recruit or transfer portal target of your choice on FanCave. Target your top prospects, make offers, and if they don’t end up at your school you’ll get the money back for future offers.

How do I get the $250 cash?

Once you share that you’ve made an offer on FanCave with your followers on social media (and a FanCave team member verifies your post), we’ll Venmo or Cash App you $250.

Post guidlines:

  • Must link directly to a specific recruit or transfer portal player’s FanCave offer page
  • Must include an image showing an offer made by you for the given prospect
  • Must serve as a call-to-action for fans to join you in making offer.
How do I get $5 per referral?

On your FanCave dashboard is a referral button. A popup will appear that allows you to copy your custom referral link.

For every person that you get to 1) sign up and 2) load their FanCave wallet with any amount, we’ll put $5 in your FanCave wallet to make more offers to recruits and transfer portal targets.