Your Invite to FanCave+

Your Invite to FanCave+



You’ve been invited to join FanCave+, and invite-only group of elite college recruits boosting their NIL value during their recruitment.

On FanCave, fans from your top schools can chat, react, and pledge NIL ($) contingent on you enrolling at their school.

FanCave+ is the exclusive rewards program for top prospects using FanCave to monetize their recruitment.

⭐ Link to apply, agree, and sign → FanCave+ Application

Please read full terms and details (below) before signing

The Perks

FanCave+ is an invite-only group of top recruit accounts on FanCave, and earn:

  • ‘Welcome Loot Box,’ valued at $500. Includes custom shoes designed by you (and more)
  • Paid professional photo/video shoot
  • $5,000+ Signing Day NIL deal*


To qualify, Class of 2025 high school football recruits must:

  • Be invited to join FanCave+ by an official team member
  • Commitment date later than July 31st, 2024
  • Have at least 3 schools in your public Top Schools list prior to commitment

Participation Requirements

1. Accept FanCave+ Invite

  • Post on social media when you receive your ‘Welcome Loot Box’
  • Schedule FanCave+ Launch Campaign with our team (recording dates and launch date)
  • Agree to FanCave app usage terms

2. FanCave+ Launch Promotion

  • FanCave will coordinate and fully fund a public launch marketing campaign for you + your top schools.
  • Athlete will participate in the following:
    • 2-hour professional photo/video shoot near your hometown
    • 30-minute appearance on the FanCave Podcast, hosted by FanCave’s CEO
  • Athlete shares Launch Content on personal social accounts
  • Athlete to feature their FanCave link in social media profiles (X, Instagram) until commitment

*3. Earn up to $5,000 in guaranteed payout through Athlete Engagement Bonuses

  • What are the Athlete Engagement Bonuses?
    • Athlete “Reacts” to a fan comment on FanCave → +$10
    • Athlete “Replies” to a fan comment on FanCave → +$25
    • Athlete posts approved content about FanCave on their personal social media (feed, not stories) → +$150
    • Athlete posts approved exclusive content on their FanCave Feed → +$250 (cannot be a cross-posted to other social medias)
    • …and more optional activities that may be offered by FanCave at any time
  • How does guaranteed payout work?
    • The ‘FanCave NIL deal’ will be created after you sign and enroll at your chosen university. The value ($) of this deal is the greatest of either:
      1. Total amount pledged by your signed school’s fans (via FanCave)
      2. Your ‘guaranteed payout’, earned via Engagement Bonuses


The athlete can complete unlimited Engagement Bonuses. The maximum guaranteed payout earned through Engagement Bonuses is $5,000.

4. ‘FanCave NIL Deal’ Terms & Payout

  • An official NIL Deal will be created by FanCave to you once your NLI is signed with your committed team
  • Full payout terms & quid-pro-quo requirements here
  • Note: FanCave prioritizes complying with state law & NCAA regulation regarding NIL payments. If necessary, FanCave reserves the right to change, update, or void this agreement in order to remain compliant and for the safety of our athletes.

FanCave+ Application

Link to apply, agree, and sign → FanCave+ Application

  • Any questions? Email
  • Want to learn more? Read about FanCave & the founders (Luke & Nick) here