The Vision for Public NIL Collectives

The Vision for Public NIL Collectives


🏟️ Today, FanCave launches our Public NIL Collective technology for 17 of college football’s most passionate fanbases.

A New Direction for NIL Collectives

NIL has already changed the recruitment landscape forever. Yet at FanCave, we believe it hasn’t even reached its full potential.

Traditional “Collectives” exist to deliver NIL opportunities to student athletes. They do this by pooling deals and donations into “NIL Packages” to recruit and retain top talent. Most starters for Power 4 Conferences make six-figures, as offered in the recruitment process.

And with revenue sharing rapidly approaching, Collectives have the opportunity to evolve to further support recruits & athletes. Some are becoming marketing agencies, others are becoming content departments.

FanCave believes in a different direction. One that emphasizes what really makes college sports special, and is one that powers >50% of NIL fund circulation today.

The Fans.

NIL That Supports Athletes and Rewards Fans

Loyal fans are the driving force behind college sports:

  • Fan donations drive more Athletic Department annual revenue than ticket sales, merch, and marketing/licensing (source)
  • Fans turn Saturdays into a religious experience—and they’ll do anything to help their team win

Thanks to NIL, fans have been compliantly get closer to the action since July 2021—thanks to Collectives, who have been collecting fan donations to support (pay) players for years. Yet, there’s still much to be desired:

  • Transactional donations that exclude fan participation
  • Blackbox donations with no say on fund allocation or totals
  • Uninspiring perks and rewards

With many Collectives pivoting their business models away from fans, we are leaning into fan experience—what we believe makes Collectives work in the first place.

If Collectives exist to recruit and retain top talent…

  • Imagine if the fans had a voice in the recruitment conversation?
  • Imagine if fans could own and allocate a transparent NIL Collective fund?
  • Imagine if fans could finally be rewarded for their loyal fandom?

This is exactly what we’ve reimagined.

Since our launch earlier this year, we’ve already helped hundreds of fans elevate their fandom & dozens of top recruits navigate their NIL journey. Inspired by our track record, today we’re evolving our mission.

FanCave becomes the 1st Public NIL Collective Platform

Today, FanCave launches our Public NIL Collective technology for 17 of college football’s most passionate fanbases.

Public NIL Collectives blend the best of NIL:

  1. Complaint to latest NIL regulations, state laws, and proposed settlement changes
  2. Connects and rewards fans for their loyal fandom and NIL support

Private NIL Collectives pool finances from fans+brands to offer NIL contracts to recruits. FanCave’s Public NIL Collective model takes this a step further: by providing fans with transparent and allocation to that finance pool.

FanCave is the 1st Public NIL Collective, where fans receive coins to allocate a public NIL fund, and earn FanScore to reward their fandom.


How it works:

  • JOIN: Become a member of your team’s FanCave—joining fellow superfan recruiters by receiving Coins to allocate your team’s specific NIL Fund
  • PICK: Make your picks on top recruits to come to your school, using your allocation from the Public NIL Fund. Your picks earn FanScore from streaks, challenges, and more
  • WIN: If your picks choose your school, FanCave offers an NIL deal from your fanbase’s total NIL fund allocation. If they don’t, your Coins are refunded.

Supporting your team just got way more rewarding (did we mention free tickets and all-inclusive gameday tailgates?)

We’re launching FanCave for Football at 17 of the nation’s top fanbase—with more coming online soon—folding fans’ previous FanCave activity and anonymous donations into FanCave’s innovative, new model.

FanCave Changes Recruitment Forever

The future of Fan NIL isn’t “donations.”

It’s rewarding your fandom with ownership and unforgettable rewards and experiences. And FanCave is just getting started.

  • Fans: Elevate your fandom and start recruiting today @
  • Recruits: Verify your profile and understand your fair market value (
  • Learn more about the FanCave team, compliance practices, and our membership in Y-Combinator here


Luke Bogus, CEO